Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Half Term Tuesday with Kezzla!!!

Hiya and Welcome to my Blog - it's Half Term which means I am home with all 4 of my Lovely Children and we have been Busy Little Bee's so far!!

Yesterday was Room Sort Through Day!! we do this every half term, going through all our stuff and filling Charity Bags with anything we have that we no longer need - so far so good with 5 full bags from just the 2Girls-Ashleigh&reBecca's-Room and my eldest Son William'sRoom - Ethan the cheeky Little Monkey and is continuing with his today. (we donate monthly to our local St Clares Hospice Shop) xx

For Me the plan today is to carry on with the declutter of my Craft/Planning Korner/Bedroom. Im making the space a lot more easy to use with things I use daily closer to me and anything I have used for a while sorted into stash to keep or stash to sell/donate. I feel like the Clearing Out is helping me to focus more on the New Year/ New Me mantra that I started the year with and that I hope to continue with.

So far it's all looking really good and a lot neater than it was but I still have this little lot on my Bed to find homes for and then on to the draw units in mine and hubby's wardrobes

The Pen Carousel Organizer is going back on my desk so I can use all my pretty coloured pens in my planners

I do love to give my Korner a good sort through every 2 months or so, then I know I only have the things I need to keep but I also can then see what I need more of for my Cardmaking as well as my planner's. The main reason for this massive clean up this time though is to get ready for my Esty Store opening which will be in a few months once I have had the time to sit and make all the crafty/planner things I would love to sell... as in Flower Embellishments, Planner Mystery Bags, Planner Clips, Stickers and lots of other Cute Little Things... I will also be listing several different styles of Handkrafted Cards and Gifts - I will update you all when I get closer to this Goal x x

Right that's enough of my Rambling for one Post - will leave you all while I get back to Operation Organised House!!!

Hope to see you all Back Again soon

Krafty Planner Hugs xx

Monday, 15 February 2016

New Blog - For Planners and all those yummy things that I love to buy xxx

Hiya and Welcome to my New Blog for my Planner Bubble

Here I will post about my Fave Planners, my Plan/Kraft Area, any new buys or new planner shops I have found either online or locally - I hope you will like what you see and will visit me often x x

So first for a few pics of my Planner Collection...

On the Top Shelf of my Korner Desk are my 6 Webster's Pages planners, one of my Happy Planners, and some of my Personal Size Filofaxes x x

I must admit I love this Shelf of Personals, i love all the colours - 6 are Sandringham's & 5 Filofaxes

9 A5 Filofaxes and 1 A5 Carpe Diem - I do love to collect lots of similar colours

The Pockets and Mini's are so so cute x x

& my Rose Gold - Kate Spade Wellesley xx

I absolutely love all my planners - there are a couple not in the pics and i also have 3 more on the way - I know its crazy but I just cannot help myself x x

I even have my 4 children into planning too, William 15 has a Black Personal Zip Planner, Ashleigh 13 has a Lilac Piazza Filofax personal, Webster's pages Teal & Light Pink and a personal Floral Filofax, Ethan 9 has a Black Finsbury Personal and little Becca 7 has a Pink Classic personal Filofax, Webster's Pages Light Pink and a Pink Finsbury pocket Filofax. They all love washi and stickers and keeping track of their homework and activities in them. I am training them all well x lol

I have a few layout's from the last few weeks to show you aswell

I love to mixed up my weekly, monthly and daily pages using my washi's, stickers and my craft stash too - I am beginning to see a favourite style coming through with vintage, shabby chic mixed with pastels - I do sometimes use slightly brighter colours but only as a hint of rather than lots 

I absolutely adore these little stickers that I buy from eBay from Japan and Korea. The floral washi's are a Fave of mine aswell. I tend to use pen colours to match into the colour theme ive picked for the week. I am also learning to make my own stickers using my Cameo machine and label paper 

This week's theme is a little brighter due to the washi I chose for the ring strenghtener strips, I like to do that to prevent tearing of my pages in my always over stuffed planner's x The planner I am using for February is my Sea Green Sandringham personal size - its such a beautiful planner and the Leather is amazingly soft and lush x x

Ok that's it for my first post as it's a little long and a lot rambly - I hope to see you here again soon 

Krafty Planner Hugs xx