Sunday, 10 April 2016

Confessions of A Krafty-Planner- Addict #1

Hiya and welcome to my Blog 

This weekend I have been having a massive tidy/clear out/organisation of my krafty-planner korner and it has been a real eye opener to the sheer volume of krafty-planner stash I actually own 

Yesterday on my Facebook Wall I shared pics of most of my Washi Stash (not all as I have a load more for my esty shop - just not listed yet - ooops) and it got me thinking maybe I should do a few posts on this Blog to confess my sins muhahaha not that I even care that I have way too much stuff - neither really does my hubby he just rolls his eyes at me and says 'babe thats obsene' but thats it as he isnt too worried at all

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So here are a few pics of my immense Pen/Pencil Stash - im sure there are more somewhere - plus I have a full box of etsy shop stock pens too

I did try to get a photo of the whole lot but you cant really see much of whats there except to see there is a lot so below are a few close ups of them 

This pic above shows my Copic Sketch markers (1 set of 72 left to buy) and my artist colouring pencils

The Kakhi Kipling case, mint case and the Orla Kiely live on my desk all the time with my most used pens in - the other pens and cases are pulled out from cupboards just to show them

This pic shows my pen carosel that lives on my desk with all my fave fineliners/frixions etc in, also a draw full of spare sakura's and my distress markers - plus quite a few other case full of sakura pens, spare fineliners, sharpies etc

This pic and the one below arre just closer pics to show better the sakura's and the pets full of my kawaii pens colllected from ebay and etsy

This last pic is just to show how nearly full my pencil box is  

I think you can safely say I am a completely obsessed stationery addict - some might think I need to cured of this addiction but I say NO!!! I'm not hurting anyone, myself included - if i look back at past unhealthy addictions like alcohol and smoking this is a much better thing to be addicted to and they are pretty too - I love my pens and use them every day wether writing, drawing, planning or crafting so I know they are really a good investment 

I recommend bulk buying and hunting on eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc for some bargains - I always price check everything and go for the best deal I can find - Sometimes this means buying full sets/bulks of same pens to get the best deals - I share with my children as they all love pens/pencils too - I add some to my sales and online shops if I find I have way too many - but overall I just love them - I love looking at them, using them and rearranging them - yes its a complete obseesion - I do confess to that 

Thank You so much for stopping by today to have a loosie at my Pen Stash and to read the ramblings of a Stationery Hoarder/Junkie lol

Krafty Hugs xx