Thursday, 30 June 2016

New Stamp Storage Solution - at last

Hiya and Welcome to my Blog

Over the last few days I have been having a huge sort our and reorganize mission in my Kraft/Planning Korner and the rest of my Kraft/Bedroom

I dont have a lot of space but have managed to utilize every bit of available space with some clever storage solutions but I have never really addressed my stamp storage issues - Way too many stamps in way too many boxes - which takes an age to sort through every time I need to use a certain stamp or stamp set so I thought I need to start a proper storage system for them - I can up with the solution - Ring Binders, I have started out with 6 for stamps I got them from my local Poundland Store so didnt spend too much, I also brought a pack of 50 laminating sheets from Lidl for £2.49. I had everything else I needed in my stash so i only paid £8.59 for all the storage I have created whilst also using up some of my stash (which is something else I need to do...use what I have)

I added some info to packing labels to attach to the side so I can easily grab the right binder each time I need them.

I cut and stuck all the clear stamp backing sheets to white A4 cardstock, I then laminated them and stuck the stamps to each sheet with the corresponding pictures on, I then put a piece of A4 acetate over the stamps and used a hole punch, to punch though both layers and added to the binder 
This was very time consuming but I think it will be worth the time spent with how much easier it will to find the right stamps

Here are a few pics from the insides of the Binders

first 6 pics are of my 3 Planner Stamp Binders - yeah 3 full folders full of planner stamps
(obsessed much?)

This last pic is from one of my Bee Crafty Stamp binder's to show I have now decided to sort all my other stamp sets
(this will take a lot of time and a lot more binders)

I thank you for visiting my blog where I talk about random Kraft/Plan related things, please come back soon as I will be writing more regular posts from now on

Krafty Hugs