Monday, 26 September 2016

Kingfisher Malden Filofax - Sneak Peeks - The Planner Society August Kit

Hiya Planner Peep's how are you all??? Me I'm doing ok! Now. Been having a bit of down-time while I was recovering from a slight relapse of my Mental Illness where I had to have my Medication Increased. But I am Happy to report that all is well now.... Yay!!!!

I have recently moved into my gorgeous Kingfisher Malden Filofax... its so pretty and matches so well with the August 'The Planner Society' kit.

Through September I tried a slightly different week on 2 page layout in my planner and for now I am liking it but I'm not sure how it will work long term so I will try another few months to see. Also through September I have been using my first subscription box from the lush 'The Planner Society' is a nautical theme and I am loving it but I am being a bit frugal with it so that I can use it that much longer by mixing in a few elements from my stash like colour co-ordinating labels, stickers and thin washi tapes.

Here are my weekly pages from September...

Week 1
I have divided the pages down the centre's to have one side for Work/Blog and one for Home/School. I can now clearly see what needs doing and for what so I can prioritise my days

Week 2
I've been trying out a lot of different printable stickers that I have then cut out by hand (i have a Cameo but havent had the time to set it up just yet), I still don't really know what types of stickers/stamps I prefer so I am trying out various as i go and hope to settle on particular types

Week 3

I adore Pens!!! and Washi so theese do take up most of the room on my desk and are the main focus on my pages and planners

and finally Week 4
Last week I slipped back into old habits of quote stickers and alpha stickers. I love to see inspiring positive quotes and words that make me smile. My planner after all is my way of keeping my mental health and anxiety at bay. I have always been obsessed with organising and planning but now I'm being creative in my planning it feels nicer somehow like the brightly coloured pages and stickers change the way I feel. So I am going to be keeping up this planning habit/addiction. Hubby is happy with it too as he has noticed a big difference and he loves that I am more positve and less frustrated. The planner is helping me to focus and where I can't remember things it is like having a back up brain. I read once that if you write things down you are more likely to get them done. Almost like writing it down helps us to commit.

Before I go I wanted to share with you this lovely picture I found online it has such a lovely statement that I think more of us Girls should read and Remember xx

Anyhow thats enough of my ramblings today. I will be back tomorrow with more sneak peek's into the world of the KraftyPlannerGurl!!!

Krafty Hugs xx