Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Confessions of a Plannerholic!!!

Hiya and Welcome to my Planning Blog

I am so sorry it has been so long since my last post.... it has been a crazy few months with my Family and also my Health... but as part of my New Year's Resolution to be more organised I feel that Blogging regularly is a big part of that so you will be getting a lot more of my KrazyPlannerGurl ramblings here and on my Facebook Pages too... I will make no apologies for that though as it's part of who I am 😜

Since the last time I was here I have sold a few planners but I have also brought a few (erm ok... a LOT more) I can not help myself I just love them and change from one to another whenever I fancy a change like some pretty ladies would do with their handbags etc... I do not use handbags i do have a few that were gifts but i forget to take them out with me when i go any way so there really isn't much point filling one. But Planners I do need them they are so functional as well as pretty and I love to sit in the local cafe with my planner and a coffee... and do I care about the sometimes odd but mostly curious looks?? No I really don't lol 

I seem to have drifted away from what I was going to talk about today oooooops so right back to it.

Confession Time...

Hehehehe I now have 70 planners (mostly filofaxes) and 2 more on there way both from the USA eeeeks. I absolutely love the pretty colours of some and the classic colours of others. I have found the styles I love the most and of course being me I had to get them in various colourways.

Real Leather are my absolute fave and even though I am a vegetarian I know that they will still be made whether I buy them or not - I can tell the difference in the quality of leather vs. PU or similar and I am just not a fann of spending lots of money on something that isn't going to last. My leather ones are gorgeous and smell gorgeous thanks to a leather conditioner I use on them. 

Now I know many of my friends and lots of newbie plannerfolks do not understand the need for more than one planner. Or they say 'oh they are pretty but how do you use them all???' well it would be silly to think they are all being used full time as planning tools I wouldnt be able to do that or would need a new planner to keep track of which planner is for which job hehehehe. But the truth is I only use one at a time for day to day planning, I just have many choices for which one i would like to use depending on my mood or the season. 

Some of my Planner uses are...

2 A5 planners as sticker binders for my Kawaii Stickers
previous inserts stored in a few for reference
penpal info, penpal tracking and addresses
home improvements planning with swatches and colour charts and ideas of things to buy for the house. 
book inventory/reading tracker.
proof of post binder with all my receipts in from post office
Blog planner
Etsy shop
Facebook group sales
HandkraftedbyKerrie business planner
listers gotta list - daily challenge - (and 2 with previous years listers gotta list)
family & school - for all the school moneys/clubs etc in
Home Planner with all my lists of chores for me and kiddies
Meal Planner with grocery lists

The list of uses is endless but I would only ever take 2 or 3 with me if i went out... one for specific purpose (health for doctors trip/shopping... etc etc) my master planner (the one that i would current have all my info/diary in) and my wallet which is a mini filofax used as a wallet. 

I have always been addicted to planners and stationery since I was little and I doubt I will ever change... from my first pens and planner (a funfax in the 80's) to the school planner/diary that i adored to a personal one ive always had of some sort, to now the full blown addict... I am just as obsessional with collecting stationery and pens as i am with planners I love love love it all so much. I do not think I would ever actually run out but still I want more lol.

So in order to control my habit I have restricted myself for the new year to only buying planners from my specific wish list (which isnt very big anymore) and my stationery is cut right back to only ONE subscription box each month.... and I chose the best one for me its all floral and pretty each much and full of planner and stationery goodies... it is the beautiful 'Scarlet Lime - The Planner Society' monthly subscription from Christy Tomlinson who is the gorgeous lady who started it all and puts together a box of pure lushness for all the TPS Addicts in her facebook group xx 

I had better leave it there for today though. I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit more about me and my planning life... I ramble on and on in person too as many of my poor friends know all too well muhahahaha

KraftyPlannerGurl Hugs xx
with love