Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A little about me!!

my favourite time of the day well i should say night lol is about 12-2am as i am the only one awake at home and the house is completely still and quiet… but i am also a morning person i wake up at 6am even if ive been awake most of the night and spring into  you so much for the gorgeous Fae-Bella xxa well oiled morning routine to get my youngest 2 kiddies to schools breakfast club at 8am… by the time we leave i will always have made lunches, loaded dishwasher, loaded washing machine and double dutch braided my daughters hair… once back from school run at 8.15am i am then free to work or chill until i collect them again at 3pm… it was strange at first having no children at home… as a mum of 4 i always had at least one at home with me… but ive now gotten used to the time alone and i actually really enjoy it x